About you

At Lunch in a Box Sydney we believe in giving you a great service and following through at every step of the process. We value your business and would like to give something back. Our Rewards and Referral programs is just one way we would like to say thanks!

We value our relationship with you and we wish to show it by rewarding you with a six monthly reward.

In six months we will reward you with a credit of 5% of your six monthly purchase.

Redeemable as a credit to your next order or towards EFTPOS gift cards.

We value our relationship with our existing customers whom refer our services to friends and colleagues.

If you recommend us to your family, friends or colleagues and they complete a Lunch in a Box Catering order over $500.00

You will receive one of our Gourmet Hampers delivered to your door valued between $60.00 – $80.00